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Cardigan Adjustment Add-On


The cardigan adjustment can be added onto majority of styles, both long sleeved or classic hound-tee styles, with or without a skivvy neck.

Sleeveless: The cardigan has snap studs down a rib trim side panel for easier dressing. Just pop the tee over the head, then snap the panel around to the side.

Long sleeve: Pop tee on ground, step feet in and pull up legs, then over head. Snap the side up. We only recommend this on the cotton spandex styles.


To order: Add this into your order along with the tees you want to order. If you have ordered multiply tees and want the adjustment on all of them, make sure you add the same quantity of adjustments to the order. If you order multiple tees but only want the adjustment on certain ones, please let us know what tee you want it added to in the notes section in your checkout cart.