About US

We create snug, stylish, and practical garments for greyhounds, whippets and Italian greyhounds, and dogs with a similar sighthound shape. We ethically design and manufacture your houndie's clothing in Melbourne, Australia and give back to rescues in need.

Hound-Tees is designed specifically for our tall, small and tiny houndies that feel the cold more-so than other breeds. They are slim-fit and accommodate the unique physique of your cute snoot – the single armhole allows for free movement and makes dressing your hound easy-peasy. There’s also no bunching under the hoob – the gap between your hound’s front legs – and no tricky fastenings which means they’re perfect for zoomies, roaching and couch-potatoing.

Created in 2015 when 'Auntee' Jen adopted her first greyhound. At the time, there wasn’t a product on the market that fulfilled her greyhound’s needs. So, Jen started out with her old trusty sewing machine and a wild idea to transform greyhounds into snug, stripey fashound icons.
With a background in the Australian fashion industry, Jen combined her pattern-cutting, design development and material sourcing skills together to create the Hound-Tee garment. Jen is adopted by greyhounds Gus, Bud, Pic & Dolly (Canidrome survivor).

Word on the street is that if your hound is wearing a Hound-Tee, people are 10 times more likely to cross the road to dish out a scritch to your snootermodel. We support greyhound rescue one Tee at a time, but we're more than just a tee, we give back and celebrate underfunded sighthound rescues across the globe. Make sure you check out our ongoing commitment to fundraising, and peep the difference you've helped us make.