Size Chart

Hound-Tees Size Chart

Fleece Styles are larger in the chest by approximately 2 in / 5 cm. Fleece and sweater styles are designed to be worn looser or over a cotton spandex tee.

How to Measure:


Measure your hound around their chest under the front legs. Do this snugly as this is a fitted garment and will stretch to fit your hound neatly.


Measure length from the crook of their neck with their head raised to the start of the tail. Imagine there is an invisible line at their backside and measure to that point.

Tees are made in stretch fabrics so they fit sung.

Fleece and Sweater styles are designed to be a looser fit for layering.

Fitting Tips

Fit based on your doggos chest measurement.

If your doggo is bordering on two sizes, size up.

Big thanks to Richard Skipwoth for the Fitting Diagram 

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