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  • WIN a Mystery Valentine's Sweatshirt

    Feb 14 2022

    Subscribe to win an exclusive, one of a kind sweater for your sweetheart!  Terms + Conditions:The Hound-Tees "'WIN a Mystery Valentine'...

  • Meet the Silly Season Snootermodels

    Nov 18 2021

    Meet the cuties who joined us to snootermodel our Silly Season collection:  R O N N I E   Ronnie is a 40kg golden boy who must be ...

  • Meet the Snootermodels

    Oct 26 2021

      Read on to find out what a spicy prawn cocktail, a bag of elbows, an actual god with fur made out of silk, and chippie connoisseur have...

  • BTS Force-Free Photoshoots

    Oct 25 2021

      Behind the scenes snootermodel magic! When any doggo steps paw into our workshop, it's super important that we create a safe, comfortab...

  • Melbourne's Best Greyhound Friendly Bars

    Dec 08 2020

      Happy humans = more treats and longer walks, trust Karlz on this. One of the top things that seems to make humans happy is drinking in...