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Giving Back


We're more than just a tee, we're feel-good fashound and we're super passionate about supporting greyhound and sighthound rescues across the globe. We celebrate underfunded organisations who receive no industry funding, and applaud the individuals who provide a lifesaving safety net and care for ex-racing greyhounds, greyhound cross breeds and Spanish hunting dogs.  

We've all been involved in rescue in one way or another at Hound-Tees, from rescue admin, advocacy, foster coordination and adoption rehoming, and right down to foster caring. Our own snoots are rescue dogs, each with their own story, and with a village of volunteers who helped them adopt us! 

Rescue programs are powered by kind-hearted volunteers, who are unpaid, work full-time jobs, have families, and still manage to show up for greyhounds in need – these folks are truly legends. We've been giving back from day one with the hope that every rescue houndie roaches for the stars! Thank you always for helping us help our friends and your best friend's kin.

So far in 2022...

2021 Giving Total: $24,896

We donated $5,000 worth of Hound-Tees to rescues for auctions and fundraisers, and from the sale of our Frankie Bone Tug Toys, we donated 100+ tug toys to foster greyhounds. 

Here's a break down of our donations for 2021: