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Long Bouys Whippet Classic Hound-Tee

Style of Tee
Breed Fit

Long Bouys nautical stripe is one of our most popular styles. Iconic signature red and navy stripes, paired with a hearty red trim. Made from super soft cotton elastane jersey, perfect for lounging, sun protection or core warmth for those greyhounds who don't like sleeves. 

Choose your Fit/Neck Style: Make sure you choose the appropriate size for your breed of dog. Choose from crew neck or turtleneck (skivvy). The Aussie can be made into any style if your dog requires Custom Fit.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia – home to the original Hound-Tees. Ready to ship, limited stock available.

Warmth Factor
1: Perfect for a slight chill, sun-protection and houndies who don't like sleeves.

True to size, don't size up. Unsure? Check our Size Chart.


  • Breed Fit: Whippet
  • Neck Style: Classic Crew neck or Skivvy (turtleneck)
  • Breed Fit: Greyhound and Whippet
  • Fabric: Cotton 8% Elastane Jersey
  • Colour: Red and navy stripe
  • Trim: Red
  • Weight: Standard weight
  • Style: Available in Long Sleeves
  • Snootermodel: Roxi wears size small