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Greyts With Sass Whippet Sleeveless Hound-Tee


Named after three sweet siblings Wylie, Shadow and Greycie RIP 24/11/2023

Warmth Factor
1: Perfect for a slight chill, sun-protection and houndies who don't like sleeves ideal for layering under sweaters.

Fitting Guide
Suitable for Whippet. Snug fit. Unsure? Check out our Size Chart.

  • Features: Single front leg hole. Crew Neck. Skivvy neck add on available
  • Fabric: Light weight, Cotton Elastane Jersey
  • Colour: Grey and white and blue stripe, blue trim
  • Snootermodel: Tom wears whippet size medium
  • Care Instructions: Cold wash + air-dry only
  • Limited stock.  Ready to ship. Made in Melbourne, Australia