A Little Guide to Clothing your Hound

  • In general I pop a tee on my hounds when its 15 deg (60 F) or below. This is usually when I feel the need to pop long sleeves on myself.
  • If their ears feel cold or if they are sleeping tightly curled up they are probably a bit chilly.
  • When things start to get a wee bit cooler again, I will pop on a long sleeve tee or fleecy.
  • At night I pop on a fleece long sleeve, snuggle sweater or a long john.
  • Not all hounds like back legs. So a long sleeve fleece or snuggle sweater is a good option for them.
  • If your hound is newly adopted, clothes maybe a new concept to them. Ease them into it. They may have never had anything before. Start with a tee, move to a long sleeve tee then see if they will like back legs. Not all do. My girl hates them but my boys like them. Every hound is different.

Tip- play with their paws and see if they are OK with their legs being handled as you will need to pick up their front paws to pop them into a tee or sleeves.

Long Johns

Back leg on and off tips.

Pop the front on like a tee, then slide one back leg down to the floor and pop your hounds leg through in a stepping motion. You do not need to lift the leg much just enough to step it back into the leg hole.

Pull the garment up then slide the other leg over and do the same. Your long john should just sit above the tail bone joint.


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