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Frankie Bone Tug Toy [Buy 1 - Give 1]


Ready, set, play! Made from durable Hound-Tee fabric off-cuts, Just like our Frankie Hound-Tees, the Frankie Bone is one of a kind, no two are alike.

Great for tug-of-war, one-way fetch, or solo play. Level up by inserting small treats into the braided structure for increased mental enrichment and fun.

Buy 1, Give 1: Each time you buy a Frankie Bone, we'll give another 1 to a Gumtree Greys foster doggo.

    Choose Your Size

    • Small to Medium:
      30 - 60 cm
    • Medium to Large:
      60 - 80cm 


        • Safe durable dog toy
        • Recycling + reducing our textile footprint
        • Handmade by Hound-Tees Crew
        • Giving back to Gumtree Greys
        • Made in Melbourne, Australia

        Training Recommendation: If your doggo hasn't played tug-of-war with aroo, it's best to teach a 'leave it' command first. Make sure you shower them in praise and snacks for dropping the toy! Tug games should be avoided in dogs with a tendency towards resource/toy guarding.