Guide to Hound-Tees Styles



Hound-Tees provide stylish, warm and snug comfort for sighthounds. If you’re having trouble deciding on which style is best for your snoot, we’ve created a handy little guide for you.

On a practical side, the Hound-Tees design keeps your snootermodel warm, but also caters for their outside business, including clearance for number twos in our Long John style, and for the goodest of good boys, weemails can be checked and responded to with adequate pee clearance.


> Classic Sleeveless Tees | The original Hound-Tees – made from cotton elastane jersey, which means they’re perfect for lounging, super soft and stretchy. The single armhole allows for free movement and makes dressing your hound easy-peasy. 

> Base Layers | Made from a UV resistant, cotton spandex sports blend which means they’re soft, breathable, and cool on the skin. Base Layers are available in Classic Sleeveless Tess with a signature skivvy, Long Johns, or Long Sleeves. If you require UV certified fabrics, please contact us!


> Long Sleeves | Made from cotton elastane and selected sweater knits, this style is medium weight and provides coverage for front legs only. Long sleeves are perfect for snoots who don’t love how Long Johns feel on their back legs. 


> Long Johns | Our Long Johns are made from either a cotton elastane blend or cotton spandex and are the perfect remedy for chilly weather. Long Johns provide coverage for all four legs and and can be paired with a coat for ultra-warmth. Hound lovers also love Long Johns for ultimate coverage when recovering from an injury – a great alternative for the dreaded “cone of shame”.


> Sweatshirts + Hoodees | Made from a heavier weight polycotton blend which means our Sweatshirts are a warmer option.

> Knit Noodles | Handmade and knitted by Aun-tee Jen herself! Made from an acrylic/wool blend, these Knit Noodles are the perfect addition to any style.

Visit the Fitting Room for our Guide to Clothing (including a video instructional), Size Chart, or Care Instructions.

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