How to put the Hound-Tee on

The easiest way to put your Hound-Tee on is to place the garment over your hound through the main body opening.

Then place their head through the neck opening.

Lift the front paw behind the ankle joint and guide through the arm opening.

For designs with sleeves, hold paw and guide down through sleeve to the cuff, cover their claws with your hand to make it easier to slide through.

Pull the rest of the garment down and over their chest.

For long Johns follow the above but for the back legs slide garment over to side and lift back leg and place through leg opening. Pull garment up and over to the other side and repeat. Align garment around the tail.

To remove -

Gather the garment up under the front legs.

Grab the tail of the garment and pull this backwards over their head and down to the floor.

Step your hound out


Video coming soon!