Tee, Sweater, or Layers? Choose the Perfect Warmth Factor for Your Doggo with the right Hound-Tee

Just like hoomans, dogs can feel the chill, and our thin-skinned bony-bodied besties (greyhounds, whippets and iggys) are all particularly susceptible to the cold. That's where Hound-Tees come in – hound garments are more than just fashun statements; they're crucial to your doggos comfort and well-being. We create a range of different warmth factors ranging from 1 to 4, and they can be layered for extra cosiness. In this guide, we'll explore the various Hound-Tees available and help you understand when your doggo should wear each kind.

Warmth Factor 1: Sleeveless Hound-Tees  

Sleeveless Hound-Tees are perfect for those days when the weather is just slightly chilly or when your fur baby needs some sun protection during outdoor activities. Additionally, these tees are ideal for houndies who don't particularly enjoy wearing sleeves. The lightweight stretchy cotton offers a comfortable and breathable fit. You can choose between a crew neck or a skivvy (turtleneck) to suit your doggo's preferences.

When to Wear Sleeveless

  • Slight chill or mild weather conditions
  • Outdoor activities for sun protection
  • Layering under other garments, such as sweaters, for added warmth


Warmth Factor 2: Long Sleeve Hound-Tees 

Long Sleeve Hound-Tees offer a bit more coverage and warmth compared to their sleeveless counterparts. They are perfect for days when the weather is a bit cooler, making them an excellent choice for roachin' around the house or outdoor sniffaris during crisp days. The lightweight, breathable fabric of 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane Jersey ensures your doggo stays cosy without feeling too hot. Choose between crew-neck or skivvy!

When to Wear Long Sleeves:

  • Cooler days or mild chills
  • Lounging indoors or casual outdoor activities
  • Can be layered under other Hound-Tees or sweaters for extra warmth


Warmth Factor 2.5 - 4: Long Johns  

Long Johns take warmth to the next level, providing full-body coverage for your dog with protection for all four quick stix. The warmth factor depends on what material our Long Johns are made out of - tee, tweater or sweater material. These Hound-Tees are perfect for tackling colder weather and an ideal choice for overnight sleeping. The skivvy neck adds extra protection to keep your doggo's neck warm and comfortable. Long Johns are perfect for head to toe warmth (well, really, neck to ankle) thanks to the fully-covered back legs and turtleneck.

When to Wear Long Johns:

  • Cold days or chilly nights
  • Overnight sleeping in colder environments
  • Ideal for older dogs (who don't mind having their twigs covered!)
  • Great for doggos who *really* feel the cold


Warmth Factor 3: Tweaters 

Made from French terry cotton, Tweaters are the perfect in between for when it’s not quite hot enough for a tee but not quite cold enough for a sweater. The midweight fabric is great for transitioning seasons! Most tweaters have a long sleeve or sleeveless option depending on leggy preference.

When to wear Tweaters:

  • In between seasons
  • During outdoor activities on slightly colder days 


Warmth Factor 4: Sweaters 


Sweaters are another excellent option for colder days, providing full-body warmth and coverage for your doggo. Most sweaters have a long sleeve or sleeveless option depending on leggy preference. These cosy garments are designed to be the perfect remedy for a cold day and are particularly ideal for overnight sleeping and outdoor adventures during colder months. Sweaters will fit over any other Hound-Tees style – the perfect outer layer.

When to Wear Sweaters:

  • Cold weather conditions
  • Overnight sleeping in chilly environments
  • Perfect for dogs who really feel the cold and prefer sweaters over Long Johns


Don't forget to accessorise!


Hound-Tees accessories include neck warmers, snoods and bandanas, perfect for pairing with a crew neck tee for those in-between temps. Plus, they look pretty cute.

Choosing the right Hound-Tee with the appropriate warmth factor for your doggo is crucial to ensure their comfort and well-being throughout the changing seasons and activity levels. Whether it's a Sleeveless Tee for a slight chill, a Long Sleeve Tee for lounging, Long Johns for extra cold days, or a Sweater for a classic look, there's a perfect Hound-Tee to suit your furry friend's needs.

Always consider your dog's size, breed, and individual preferences when selecting the ideal Hound-Tee for them; our sizing guide can help! Show your doggo luff with warm and comfy fashun!

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