Getting your longdog or whippet in and out of their Hound-Tee

When should I put a Hound-Tee on my doggo?


Hound-Tees help keep sighthounds comfortable in a few ways:

  • The fabric is a welcome layer between hard surfaces and their thin skin and bony bods! Hound-Tees can help prevent sores and irritation on your snoot’s skin. 
  • Clothing can block UV rays, so as long as it’s not too hot for the extra layer, a Hound-Tee can help protect your longdog from the sun.
  • Greyhounds get cold easily because of their low body fat, thin skin and short coats. Hound-Tees can keep them warm as they move around and are great while they’re snoozing, as blankets can slip off. 

You should put a Hound-Tee on when:


  • You need to protect your hound from the sun (but be mindful of temperatures and not letting your pooch overheat – please don’t go walking in over 25℃ heat)
  • Your longdog is cold. You can tell by touching their ears – if their ears are cold or the temp is 15℃ or below, they should be wearing a sweatshirt. (A good rule of thumb is if you’re feeling chilly, they likely are too!)
  • Your greyhound or whippet is snoozing. They should have a nice soft bed as well to protect their skin from hard surfaces.

How do I put a Hound-Tee on my doggo?


The technique for tee-ifying your hound slightly differs between styles. You can browse all of our styles here, learn how to find your hound’s size here, or choose the right style here.


Putting on a Sleeveless Hound-Tee


  1. Boop their snoot right on through the head hole (Place their head through the neck opening).
  2. Centre the Hound-Tee along their back.
  3. Lift their front paws one at a time behind the ankle joint and guide them through the arm opening. The stretchy chest panel makes this easy!

Putting on a Long-Sleeve Hound-Tee


  1. Follow the steps above for the head and neck.
  2. For their legs, hold their paw and guide it down through the sleeve to the cuff. Covering their claws with your hand will make it easier to slide through.
  3. Pull the rest of the garment down and over their chest.

Putting on Long-John Hound-Tees


  1. Follow the above steps for sleeves, but for their back legs, slide the garment over to the side, lift the back leg and place it through the leg opening. You do not need to raise the leg much – just enough to step it back into the leg hole.
  2. Pull the Hound-Tee up and over to the other side and repeat.
  3. Align the garment around the tail.

Release the hounds! How do I take a Hound-Tee off my doggo?


The reverse banana peel (a very technical term) is our method for removing Sleeveless and Long-Sleeve Hound-Tees. Here’s a very scientific explanation of the reverse banana peel:

  1. Grab the tail of the Hound-Tee and pull it upward toward their shoulder area.
  2. Gently push down your snoot’s head and swiftly peel the Hound-Tee down over their head.
  3. Drop the Hound-Tee to the ground and step each leg out by holding it behind the ankle joint and guiding it out.
  4. Give them a big scratch and some treats for being a good doggo!

You can watch Aunt-Tee Jen flawlessly executing the reverse banana peel on a very good snootermodel in the video on our clothing guide page! 

To remove a Long-John Hound-Tee


  1. Step out their back paws one at a time. You can guide the fabric down their leg with you hand on the inside.
  2. From here, it's the reverse banana peel!

Looking after your Hound-Tee


We’re not sure you can have too many Hound-Tees, but no matter how many you have, taking care of them the right way will help the durable fabric last!

We’re always excited to create new designs to keep your lil (or not-so-lil) doggo lookin’ fresh, and you’ll thank yourself for having a few different Hound-Tees for when some are in the wash. Plus, having different styles can be good for different days, like Long-Johns for really cold nights, or Sleeveless for walkies. We recommend the following care instructions:

  • Cold machine wash only. We can't stress this enough, hot water will shorten the life of the tee.
  • Gentle wash cycle and gentle laundry detergent.
  • Do not soak.
  • Whilst not necessary, for extra care you can pop your Hound-Tees in a wash bag.
  • Do not bleach, tumble dry or iron your tees.
  • Wash weekly, or when dirty.
  • Washing before storing your Hound-Tees.

From us and from your londdog, thank aroo for keeping them warm and comfy in their favourite Hound-Tee! 

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