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How lucky are we go team up with Green hound!? Based the Netherlands, Green Hound is just like us - sighthound obsessed!

Pick a patch(or three!)
Option: Add it to a bandana and we will iron it on for you

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    How lucky are we go team up with Green hound!? Based the Netherlands, Green Hound is just like us - sighthound obsessed!

    Pick a patch(or three!)
    Option: Add it to a bandana and we will iron it on for you

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      Frequently asked questions

      How do I put on a Hound-Tee?

      Putting on a Sleeveless Hound-Tee
      1. Boop their snoot right on through the head hole (Place their head through the neck opening).

      1. Centre the Hound-Tee along their back.
      2. Lift their front paws one at a time behind the ankle joint and guide them through the arm opening. The stretchy chest panel makes this easy!

      Putting on a Long-Sleeve Hound-Tee

      1. Follow the steps above for the head and neck.
      2. For their legs, hold their paw and guide it down through the sleeve to the cuff. Covering their claws with your hand will make it easier to slide through.
      3. Pull the rest of the garment down and over their chest

      Putting on Long-John Hound-Tees 

      1. Follow the above steps for sleeves, but for their back legs, slide the garment over to the side, lift the back leg and place it through the leg opening. You do not need to raise the leg much – just enough to step it back into the leg hole.
      2. Pull the Hound-Tee up and over to the other side and repeat.
      3. Align the garment around the tail.

      Release the hounds! How do I take a Hound-Tee off my doggo? 

      The reverse banana peel (a very technical term) is our method for removing Sleeveless and Long-Sleeve Hound-Tees. Here’s a very scientific explanation of the reverse banana peel:

      1. Grab the tail of the Hound-Tee and pull it upward toward their shoulder area.
      2. Gently push down your snoot’s head and swiftly peel the Hound-Tee down over their head.
      3. Drop the Hound-Tee to the ground and step each leg out by holding it behind the ankle joint and guiding it out.
      4. Give them a big scratch and some treats for being a good doggo!

      You can watch Aunt-Tee Jen flawlessly executing the reverse banana peel on a very good snootermodel in the video on our clothing guide page

      What is the best weight factor for my hound?

      Warmth Factor 1: Sleeveless Hound-Tees 
      Sleeveless Hound-Tees are perfect for those days when the weather is just slightly chilly or when your fur baby needs some sun protection during outdoor activities. Additionally, these tees are ideal for houndies who don't particularly enjoy wearing sleeves

      Warmth Factor 2: Long Sleeve Hound-Tees 
      Long Sleeve Hound-Tees offer a bit more coverage and warmth compared to their sleeveless counterparts. They are perfect for days when the weather is a bit cooler, making them an excellent choice for roachin' around the house or outdoor sniffaris during crisp days.

      Warmth Factor 2.5 - 4: Long Johns 
      Long Johns take warmth to the next level, providing full-body coverage for your dog with protection for all four quick stix. The warmth factor depends on what material our Long Johns are made out of - tee, tweater or sweater material. These Hound-Tees are perfect for tackling colder weather and an ideal choice for overnight sleeping.

      Warmth Factor 3: Tweaters 
      Made from French terry cotton, Tweaters are the perfect in between for when it’s not quite hot enough for a tee but not quite cold enough for a sweater. The midweight fabric is great for transitioning seasons! Most tweaters have a long sleeve or sleeveless option depending on leggy preference.

      Warmth Factor 4: Sweaters 
      Sweaters are another excellent option for colder days, providing full-body warmth and coverage for your doggo. Most sweaters have a long sleeve or sleeveless option depending on leggy preference. These cosy garments are designed to be the perfect remedy for a cold day and are particularly ideal for overnight sleeping and outdoor adventures during colder months. Sweaters will fit over any other Hound-Tees style – the perfect outer layer.

      How do I tell if my hound needs a Hound-Tee?

      'Snowballing' or curling up tightly
      If your doggo is all curled up, they're doing their best to conserve body heat! Please do what you can to warm them up, so they're happy to stretch back out or roach the day away.

      Their ears are cold
      If your hound's ears are cold to the touch, they'll be feeling cold all over!

      Their paw pads are cold
      Doggos regulate heat through their paw pads, and if your hound's feetsies are cold, they need some warming up.

      Are you cold?
      If you're cold, your doggo won't be too far behind. Sighthound's bods do run at a higher base temp than hoomans, so they should typically feel warm to your touch.

      Not to be confused with chattering – like hoomans, doggos will shiver to warm up

      Shaking it off
      Some greyhounds will attempt to shake off the cold like it were water.

      They're holding their paws up off the ground
      If your doggo is using a ginger step or reluctant to walk, the ground could be too cold for them.

      It's 15℃ or below
      Your sighthound should have a coat on in these conditions. Remember to layer them up if they get extra cold.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 1 review
      Kelli B.
      Patchwork perfection 👌🏼

      I have purchased 3 different patches and all of them are easy to use and look amazing on! Absolutely love them. I have some for me & of course for Jasper our whippet 🐾

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