The Hound-Tees Mission – where we started and where we’re going

Herro frens!

Whether you’ve been our pal since we started in 2015 or you’re new to the greyhound and Hound-Tees world, we wanna take some time to help you get to know us a bit better. Besides making the most adorable and cosy greyhound ‘fits you ever did see, what is Hound-Tees all about? How do we make your snoot’s jim jams? Are we a good place to put your time and money toward? All great questions, and we’ve got the answer for aroo. 

Where did Hound-Tees come from?

It all started with Jen’s first greyhound, Fritz. Jen couldn’t find any clothes to fit her long boi, so – being the savvy knitter she is, she knitted him some jumpers. Thanks (or no thanks) to their low body fat, thin skin and short coats, greyhounds need a lot of help staying warm, so doggo clothing is crucial for this breed’s health and comfort. One woman can only knit so quickly, so Jen took to her sewing machine and made Fritz a stripy shirt (if you ever meet Jen, chances are she’ll be in stripes too). 

Once Fritz was donning the original Hound-Tee, Jen noticed more people approaching them and asking to pet Fritzy Pops. This is when Jen realised that not only could Hound-Tees keep these gentle giants from being chilly-billys, but they could help with their reputation by reminding people that they’re goofy, luffable silly-billys.

Eventually, people started asking Jen for Hound-Tees for their own snoots (and besides, every greyhound needs a diverse wardrobe, so she wasn’t done designing for Fritzy). This led to the beginning of Hound-Tees! We now sell internationally, and everything is still hand-made here in Melbourne.

Since 2015 and for forever, we have been and will be stubbornly Melbourne-made. The walls of our warehouse space in the Northern suburbs are lined with shelves of bright fabrics and off-cuts for Hound-Tees-to-be, and all your orders ready to be packed and sent. Our space is vibrant and loud (visually, but also because Jen).

Our team is a small group of greyhound owners passionate about supporting the greyhound community. We’re lucky to work with doggos in the office every day (a.k.a our snootervisers) and to be around other people who can relate to our ridiculous greyhound stories.

Aunt-Tee Jen continues to care for her now three rescue greyhounds and one greyhound-cross, three rescue donkeys, six goats, 22 sheep, five chickens, four ducks, and a whippet. There’s no shortage of love going around, and she loves dedicating much of it to the Hound-Tees community.


What is the Hound-Tees mission?

Our values at HT HQ are:

  • Donating to volunteer-run greyhound support organisations (many of which don’t receive any government funding)
    We make donations of Hound-Tees, tug toys and cash to various organisations throughout Australia. In 2022, we donated to:
  1. Galgos del Sol
  2. Greyhound Rescue
  3. GIVIT
  4. Gumtree Greys
  5. Illoura Animal Refuge
  6. Pets of the Homeless
  7. Amazing Greys

  • Eliminating textile waste
    We focus on cutting our fabrics effectively to minimise waste, and any off-cuts we create become snoods or tug toys. We even take off-cuts from other businesses sometimes! We’ll avoid certain materials if they pose a negative impact on the environment.

  • Supporting local artists
    We love to collaborate with artists from Aus and overseas. Keep an eye out for our collab drops.

    • Protecting and correcting greyhound’s reputation
      Greyhounds are often misunderstood. Common misconceptions include that they are aggressive and demand an unreasonable amount of exercise. In reality, greyhounds are naturally extremely gentle and loving, and they’re couch potatoes! 

    • Slow fashion for fast doggos
      That’s our motto! Every Hound-Tee is hand-made with luff and care in Melbourne, with a mind on the environmental impact. 

    • Keeping long dogs happy, healthy and luffed-up
      Clothing is a really important part of a sighthound's comfort and health. Sweatshirts and tees help protect their bony bods from sores and irritation from all that loungin’ around they do. Hound-Tees also help keep greyhounds warm, which they struggle to do on their own!

    Where is Hound-Tees going?


    Our goal is always to donate what we can to volunteer-run greyhound organisations. We also strive to offer our community changing styles of Hound-Tees and to collaborate with artists we love.

    We hold ourselves to a high standard because we think fashound fashion should be made properly and to last. Hound-Tees will always be made in Australia by passionate members of the greyhound community. In fact, our whole team has been involved in greyhound rescue in one way or the other, be it rescue admin, advocacy, foster coordination and adoption rehoming, or foster caring or adopting our own doggos. We’re all pretty much owned by hounds at this point.

    We hope to help others see greyhounds for the goofy derps they are. Their quiet presence brings so much joy into a home, and their roachin’ and zoomies until they’re zorsted never fails to amuse. 

    Liking the sound of greyhound life? Check out this guide on where, why and how to adopt a greyhound.

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