Meet the Snootermodels


Read on to find out what a spicy prawn cocktail, a bag of elbows, an actual god with fur made out of silk, and chippie connoisseur have in common... Introducing some new snootermodels in some fresh new gear! Take a peep behind the scenes to see how we work with our models, it's positively sweet.

Iggy to Biggie collection arriving 26/10 @ 8AM AEST (GMT+11 Melbourne, Australia time).


 R E M U S 

Remus is 36kg of elbows, when he's excited he shrieks like a staffy. Remus adores street food and is a trash connoisseur, which has affectionately earnt him the nickname TrashBoi™. He wears Greyhound Fit Large.

Snootermodelling the Green Melon Hoodee. Follow @remus.the.grey

 G A R Y 

Gary is a 42kg snoot, with fur made out of silk. It's rumoured that he's an ancient god, disguised as a long boi who loves chimkin and cheese kransky. Gary wears Greyhound Fit XL.

Snootermodelling the Choc Berry Skivvy Long Sleeve. Follow @garynotttravis

 L A R R Y

Larry is a 32kg greyhound baby. A sooky boi, a sun-seeker whose ginormous overbite and often drops treats during photoshoots. But he can always locate them again because his grey spectacles give him 30/20 vision. He wears Greyhound Fit Large.

Snootermodelling the Watermelon Hoodee. Follow @larrylongdog

B R Y N N I E 

Whippet Brynnie is a chip-loving, street strutting, speed snoot, part-time model + couch slug. Brynnie is 13kg and wears Whippet Fit Medium.

Snootermodelling the Summer Fruits Skivvy Tee. Follow @brynniethewhippet


Nessie might be smol, but she's a 4.5kg spice gorl. Often found curled up on the couch immitating a spicy prawn cocktail, Nessie's pupper eyes are next-level (especially when it comes to snacks). Sass is her vibe, she does what she wants, when she wants – a true snootermodel. Nessie wears Iggy Fit Small.

Snootermodelling the Choc Berry Skivvy Long Sleeve. Follow @aprilandlenny


We've outted Lenny as a peet moncher. Lenny is a 5.6kg Italian Greyhound who masquerades as a weighted blanket. A gorgeous, tiny cuddle monster who wears Iggy Fit Medium.

Snootermodelling the Citrus Squeeze Skivvy Long Sleeve. Follow @aprilandlenny.


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