Meet the Silly Season Snootermodels

Meet the cuties who joined us to snootermodel our Silly Season collection:

 R O N N I E  

Ronnie is a 40kg golden boy who must be a god, or at least Brad Pitt's younger and more handsome long-lost fur-sibling. He is all about comfort and will most certainly steal your bed when you're looking. Ronnie wears a Greyhound XL. 

He's snootermodelling Feeling Snappy Skivvy Hound-TeeFollow @ronnie.and.summer

 S U M M E R 

Summer is a 29kg sassy weirdo who will be your best friend, as long as you keep the treatos coming. She is soft like a bunny rabbit with muscles to die for, and her workout routine consists of strutting through the streets like Linda Evangelista. She wears a Greyhound Fit Medium, but was modelling Greyhound Large.

Snootermodelling Yule Green SweatshirtFollow @ronnie.and.summer



Sid is a 30kg compact for your convenience sassboi, what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in attitude. Sid likes long walks on the beach, borking at other dogs for existing, and being the centre of human attention (preferably while they tell him he’s very handsome and feed him 500 chimkin nuggets). Sid wears a Greyhound Fit Medium.

Snootermodelling 2021 Ugly Xmas Hound-Tee. Follow @happie.houndie


Hansel, nicknamed 'Handsome' spends his weekends hanging out at cafes, going plant shopping, or to the farmer's market, and spending time in the great outdoors for the ultimate sniffs. During the week, Hansel catches up on his beauty sleep. Hansel is 32kg, despite his passion for cheese and peanut butter. He wears Greyhound Fit Large/X-Large.

Snootermodelling Richard Skipworth Lockdown Doodles Hound-Tee. Follow @hansel_the_houndie


Got a snack? You got Georgie's devoted and undying love. Cuddles on offer? He's your man (albeit a 5.5kg love monster). You'll often find Georgie snuggled up with his Italian Greyhound siblings, Lenny + Nessie.

Snootermodelling the Georgie Floral Long Sleeve. Follow @aprilandlenny


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