Meet The Dogtorates of Snootology

Our new University range is here and we have named tees after our super snoots! Some of them have been with us since we started in 2015, others buy a tee from every range. We wanted to show our love to these amazing hounds and the humans who support their furshun careers.

Sadly, 3 of them have crossed the rainbow bridge, we would like to pay respect to the sweet snoots we have loved and lost. 

Let's meet the Dogtorates of Snootology

Greycie 🌈, Wylie and Shadow

Shadow - Shadow is my black beauty. She is my first dog ever!  Shadow has a very stubborn side, but her sweet side is enormous. We almost named her Sweetpea! If she sleeps in the human bed, she will enjoy it for about 3 hours, and then she carefully steps over me and jumps onto the step stool and finds her own dog bed in the room. She loves to rub her head on my leg for attention, and sometimes she pushes her head through my legs. She loves wearing houndtees, as she gets colder now at the age of 11 (November 2023 11th birthday). When we put a clean one on her, she prances around the room and rubs her body against the couch and looks so very proud of her stylish self! When she's happy or waiting for her food to be prepared, she turns onto her back and runs with all 4 legs in the air and makes funny noises (huffs and puffs)! I call it the running man. If I tell her to do the running man, she will flip on her back and run in the air with all 4 legs! It's pretty funny. We have 4 acres for them to walk and run around on. I always go outside with them, and if I call her, she will run to me and do spins for treats. Sometimes, she will walk a few steps away and run back to me just for a treat. She will rinse and repeat for up to as long as I have treats in my pocket! Then she'll try to do more spins and do more dramatic crouching lunges, but I am really out of treats! She's so funny! She loves to watch animals in the distance, it's like she is studying them. She has caught things, with her high prey-drive, and I think she studies things. She love strangers, and I almost wanted her to be a therapy dog to visit hospitals, but then I adopted Greycie, who was really afraid of strangers. Shadow became Greyei'es "therapy dog".

Greycie - Greycie is my blue beauty, 11 years old in November 2023. She is my second dog ever! I adopted her 6 months after Shadow. The adoption center had a photo of her flying through the air with a tennis ball in her mouth! I saw the photo and asked about her, as I was already volunteering weekly there for turnouts and scooping poop. They said that she was super playful, even at age 7, but that she wasn't small dog or cat friendly (same as Shadow). I asked if I could see her, and that was the end of Shadow being a solo dog. They became fast friends, and Shadow was so happy to stand next to Greycie in the yard and follow her around, as she explored her new home! Greycie was shy at first and afraid of strangers and other dogs. She was also afraid of men, until her amputation almost 4 years after adoption. Greycie evolved the most personality wise of the three. She started off shy and scared of strangers, but then she was so happy to greet everyone in the hospital, when she was undergoing chemo. She wanted to great all dogs and all people!!! It was so great to see! She became a lap dog, while we waited in the waiting room for her chemo. She loves lying in the dirt and rolling in it daily, but she will not lie down on the hospital floor. So, I picked her up and put her on my lap, and she was totally fine with it! Everyone would stop and ask how long she had been a lap dog. I always said, "since forever", which wasn't totally true, because I only adopted her when she was 7 and she was nearly 11 at amputation. Her quirks were funny. She would come in the home gym to check on me, look into the mirror almost as if she admiring herself, and then she would grab a toy and prance with it out to the living room, where the other greyhounds were. She always came into the gym to check on me. She also loved the couch! She had a Skip Richworth pillow that she would place her head on. She would watch me prepare her dinner from the couch with her head resting over the top of the Rich Skipworth pillow and her teefies looked so cute! She was super soft and fluffy. She loved to sleep on the human bed, too.  She LOVED food and treats. She would demand treats before going outside and upon entering the house, actually all 3 demand that.  Outside, she would find any reason to start sprinting in big laps around the property and launching over boulders, even at 10 years old. If there was a crow, she would start barking at it, and then start running around on her own laps that she created around the property. If there was a gust of wind, she would take off and start her running laps! If there was a leave that moved, or a shadow from the clouds, or a noise form the street, she would take off running around her track and have the best time. Sometimes she would end at my feet and nudge my pocket for a treat. Of course, she would get a few! Sometimes she would stop somewhere else on the property, and she would look for me. Once she found me, then she would trot to me with her ears flopping and the proudest look on her face! She would then nudge my pocket for a treat. Then she would stand by me and walk with me until she found another reason to run around. She would also dig huge holes by the boulder. She had the best time ever! On the couch, she loved to have me next to her, and she would put her head on my lap and snuggle with me. She was the best snuggler ever! Fluffy Greycie!

Wylie - Wylie is my blue fawn! She is my third dog ever! She was adopted 6 months after Greycie. She was actually a foster fail, as we were asked to foster her after she was returned and depressed. She was 9 years old! Now she will turn 13 in February 2024!  She will try to pull her ears off, if she wants attention. She won't stop, until you go over to pet her! Then she will continue to do the paw of more! She will not stop! She will also look at you and give you a very high-pitched bark, if she wants attention. She will continue, until you go over to her. She likes to do this, as soon as you sit down to eat or answer the phone!!!! She is a nut! She is also a lap dog. She loves to sit on your lap and be pet for hours!  She also sits on my lap in the waiting room at the Vets. Everyone laughs and smiles, because she IS a lap dog. She looks very proud of herself on my lap! She loves to feed off the personality of Greycie. If Greycie starts to bark at crows, then Wylie will sprint to her and join in. They will run along the fence barking at crows to try to get them to fly away! It is the funniest thing to watch, and I have tons of video of it! They are best pals, and they rest together on the couch all the time. They will even sleep together in the same bed. They love to play this silly game together: Wylie will start doing spins in the living room, and then Greycie will bark once. That signals Wylie to spin again. Wylie will spin once or twice, and then Greycie will bark at her to keep spinning. This goes on until Wylie is tired or dizzy! Then they all start rooing together. It is a daily thing, and sometimes they do it 2 or 3 times a day! I have tons of video, too.  Wylie wears hunnyboots, because she has a corn on one of her front paws. She can run and dig in them! Greycie also had a corn on her back paw, but once she had her amputation, it changed her gait and the corn went away.   

My sweet girl Mercy🌈 (Mercedes), a beautiful red girl, loved car rides, going to the park, napping (especially with me). She enjoyed wearing her HoundTees and loved everyone she met. She was a leaner and Velcro hound. I miss her every day. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, she left too soon. I got her from Northern Greyhound Adoptions, in Vermont. Rest in peace Mercy who passed away 

As a child, I was around them, a family member raised them. Sweet loving dogs. What’s not to love.
Grace is my new rescue, a beautiful black girl that I’ve had since July. She is 16 months old and all puppy. A sweet sassy little girl.

Peaches, Fred, and loving memory of Whitney 🌈

Whitney - @jodiekimwallace
Sadly, sweet Whitney left this earth on the 7th of January 2024Adopted in 2015 through GAP! Lives with Fred.She is black and white with very unique ears that have a mind of their own. Each going in a different direction. Whitney would have been 12 this July. She enjoys her morning walk to see her Hooman friends at the local cafe for treats and pats before heading home for a day of sleeping on her favourite place the bed of course. Fred - @lisa_fred22Adopted from GAP and lives with Whitney since 2015. Fred start life as a black boy but has since turned on the a beautiful silver fox. Fred turns 13 in august this year. He is a chilled man and nothing much fazes him except anyone touching his feet hence to why all his tees are made with the cardigan add on. Favourite pass time is sleeping with the fan on.Peaches  - @bec_40_47Peaches chose me from GAP in 2016. Peaches is black with a little white on her chest and 2 feet. Peaches has been full of energy since the day she came home. Even at the age of 9 turning 10 in Nov, she still gets excited for walks, squeaky toys and food of course. She loves treats and car ride to see Fred and Whitney. As we get close to their house she will start to cry excitedly. She does sleep in between excitement and play.


Bella Rose is a 4 1/2 year old, grey brindle Irish Wolfhound. Weighing in at 45kg she is the runt of her litter. She lives with her 14 month old GIANT of a sister, Phoebe Louise, a red Wheaton Irish Wolfhound, who weighs in at 55kg (and still growing!). They also have a two year old Maine Coon sister named Mouse.

They live with their 'Kahu' (Guardians) mum and dad in a VERY small abode and a small 1 acre paddock for running, romping, snoofting and playing.

Bella is the true matriarchal princess of the family, so gentle, kind and loving, but also most definitely the 'boss', shouldering the responsibility for keeping everyone in line. The 'protector', never missing those cows, horses or dogs that flit into her vision from the TV, She is HIGHLY skilled at chasing them away! She can be a little 'choosy' about who she loves, tolerates or dislikes, or what she may nibble on! The most delicate tough, NEVER a snatcher!

Phoebe has no care in the world, loves everyone and everything, life is such a joy for her, having the confidence of her older sibling, Bella, to always look out for her. She has no awareness of her size and just assumes that everyone is available to be sat on and voraciously licked! If she's a bit tired, she will always take advantage of the couch, when passing by, just to back up and perch her bottom for a rest, while leaving her front legs on the ground. There is no food that she deems not suited to her pallet and she is so highly skilled at resting her head upon the bench or your left arm, left eye looking up at you soulfully, imploringly and lovingly, while her right eye does not miss a single movement of food from your plate to your mouth. She is a free spirit but has total respect of the hierarchy within the household, and Bella has trained her well. 

They enjoy a fortnightly trip to the groomers, LOVE a mud puddle for a dig and a roll in, if there is water around - they are in it!
Both girls enjoy attending Righteous Pups Association - who train assistance dogs once a week. They also attend the local Primary School where they are spend time causing occasional chaos. The impact of their calm, gentle, giant souls is not lost on the kids and of course they need multiple hound-tees in all manner of styles, colours and patterns to enable them to perform these duties! (also making them more approachable by those who may be a bit deterred by their size).
Their favourite words are dinner, chicken and paddock. These two great girls are just magical, majestic beasts.



My youngest Son adopted a Greyt and he flew missions on C-17s for the Air Force. Before he married I would stay at his house “Dog and House sit. ”Gator and my dachshund became best friends, and I feel in love with the breed. As time pasted I lost Louie and was completely devastated proving Ol’ Men shouldn’t live by theirselves. I volunteered to help out a couple hours a week across the river in West Memphis where the dog track was located. Behind the track was “Mid-South Adoption Option. Arkansas was a no kill state and all dogs required 100% accountability, therefore when their racing career ended they were taken their for adoption. I ask the the Director if she had a hound I could adopt. I told her I didn't care about the color or the sex I just wanted a hound. She told me she had a black young female that never raced and she still have a whole lotta puppy in her and she might be a little too much energy for me being so active So she shower her to me. This is the 1st time I saw Grommit. I ask if I could see her and she ask me to go sit in the office. Then Vickie open the crate and she ran straight to me, laying her head on my leg. I immediately had a flashback with my last Mom “you don’t pick the dog …….. the dog picks you” Grommit is the best hound I have ever had period !!!!! She never vandalizes the apt., she never destroy her toys or her beds, never has potty accidents in the apt. Never pulls or jerks on the lead walking. Grommit loves the car, she want to go every time. She hops in the back and lays down, the only time I see her if we are at a long red light or stopped traffic she sit up looking out the back. I can take her any place and she stays on my left hip and is alway happy to meet people. She completely ignores other dogs like she doesn't see them. I carry small training treats and when little child meet her I put one in their little paw and show them how to offer it. Like a 1st class lady she softly takes the treat. The only challenge I had were the 1st 2 days teaching her to climb the stairs. Being a sight hound the big obstacle to overcome where the stairs were open in the back and she would obviously look through the steps. But she mastered that, and has never pulled or jerked up or down, she at the wall side step by step with me. I have never never ever raised my voice to her. I talk to her just like she a human. I trained Grommit to come to me with 3 clicks of a cricket. 2 clicks is hop in the car, 1 up the steps. She loves Hound Tees, and she has a very think coat even for a Greyt, but we have a communication system and I know when she wants one on. 


Gracie was adopted through Greyhound Safety Net. She was missing an eye, her coat was in terrible condition and she’d just had half her tail amputated. She was a little under 2 years old, and in desperate need of TLC. We instantly knew she belonged with us.
Good food, plenty of exercise, and endless love and patience transformed Gracie into the gorgeous, happy girl she is today. Her high-speed zoomies are proof of how resilient, capable and fearless she is. Gracie's special needs have never held her back... There's a lot to love about our special girl. Sometimes Gracie bumps into things on her blind side. It doesn’t bother her, she just keeps going. If someone wants to pat Gracie, we make sure they approach her from front on, or her left side so she knows they are there. We are constantly in awe of how confident, happy and resilient she is despite her rough start. Missing an eye doesn’t hold Gracie back at all. She has an incredible zest for life and lives it to the full. Gracie likes being outdoors, especially if it’s sunny. She also loves the couch and any human or dog bed inside!  She’s very food motivated and is always hanging around the kitchen. She’ll be there in an instant if she can smell sushi or a cake baking!
Gracie barks at us…a lot! She’s strong, boisterous, loud and demanding. She has 2 speeds - flat out and zero but flat out is definitely her favourite. She’s not your average calm, lazy greyhound!
Gracie came in like a wrecking ball and turned our lives upside down but It didn’t take long to fall in love with her. Shes cuddly one minute and running amok the next. She brings so much laughter, love and joy to our house…there’s never a dull moment with Gracie.

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