Meet Ben from House of Hawks

Meet Ben! The artist behind our newest collection...

I live in sunny Weston-super mare in the southwest of England 
I am owned by three sighthounds, Jett a gentle and lazy, big welsh whippet with a huge appetite and little care for walks unless it’s to the woods so that he can pester his tree dwelling friends the Squirrels. That boy could sleep for Britain! 
Then there is Flo, the most loving attention seeking fluffy white Bedlington whippet who has recently become a member of the Tripawd fraternity, not affected her in the slightest infact it’s made her more outgoing! 
Lastly is Fawn, a rescue Saluki/whippet and a proper princess! If you have food she wants it and she will get it because with her lovely brown doe eyes she will hypnotise you and before you know it that slice of toast or piece of cheese sandwich will be hers. 
I started drawing sighthounds back in 2015 it was a natural progression from drawing what was around me where I live and what I saw when I went out on my long walks with the dogs. Bit by bit and the more I drew I eventually found I was drawing sighthounds the majority of the time and would think about different designs and ideas of pictures I could fit them into. And here I am almost 10 years on still drawing what really is my world, graceful and elegant sighthounds. 
I have a very definite style I like to think it’s bold and graphic, realistic but not reality and always drawn with a sense of humour. My fave medium to work with is pen and ink but I am just as happy with watercolour and more recently Digital illustration which I was resistant to for so long but now LOVE as it’s so flexible and allows you to make mistakes without the fear of having to start again from scratch.
You can find all my work and pieces to buy at my online shop  it’s a shop stocked to the brim with oodles of sighthound related products. You can also find me over on Instagram @houseofhawks. 
As for the day job, yes I have one and it comes in the form of working for the railway, you will find me most days working on trains and helping passengers with inward travel between London and Weston-super-mare. 

Quick Q’s 

Tea or coffee? Tea for sure no milk, it has to be inky black and if I can be super choosey Earl grey please. 
Morning or evening? Morning for sure, I am up most days for 4am to get to my day job so by 8pm I am done for the day and ready to get some sleep. 
Sweet or savoury? Sweet drinks and savoury food, even as far as opting for the cheese board on most occasions when it comes to the dessert menu! 
Humans or hounds? Well here I am at home typing this up surrounded by the loves of my life rather than a cafe surrounded by lots of people. 
Rural or urban? I grew up in the country and had such a great time with no boundaries and so much adventure. I then lived 20 years of my adult life in London hemmed in and not being able to have a dog because of my hours, I then moved back to the countryside in 2013 and the first thing I did was get a sighthound ❤️❤️ the country side is where I feel most at home I like being surrounded and grounded by nature. 
Stripes or prints? BOTH I love pattern and colour especially African prints. When hound tees contacted me to do a pattern for them I was over the moon, I love the bright bold styles of clothing you guys create for dogs your ethics are just spot on and I adore the sense of humour that comes through in your brand. I am thrilled to be a tiny part of it 🥳🥳🥳
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