It don't take much for your sighthound to feel the cold! Their bony bods, thin skin and low (pretty much no) body fat, might be helpful for cooling down after giving their quick-stix a workout, but it also means they're more susceptible to the cold than some other dogs. Here's how to tell if your greyhound, whippet or Italian greyhound (iggy) is cold and what you can do to keep them snug as a doggo in a rug.

Signs your sighthound is a chilly billy


'Snowballing' or curling up tightly

If your doggo is all curled up (usually with their tail draped over their nose), they're doing their best to conserve body heat! Please do what you can to warm them up, so they're happy to stretch back out or roach the day away – suggestions on that to come.


Their ears are cold

If your hound's ears are cold to the touch, they'll be feeling cold all over!


Their paw pads are cold

Doggos regulate heat through their paw pads, and if your hound's feetsies are cold, they need some warming up.


Are you cold?

If you're cold, your doggo won't be too far behind. Sighthound's bods do run at a higher base temp than hoomans, so they should typically feel warm to your touch. If you're cold, check your doggo's ears.



Like hoomans, doggos will shiver to warm up. Not to be confused with chattering – sometimes, when greyhounds are excited, they'll chatter their teeth together, kinda like the dog equivalent of purring.


Shaking it off

Some greyhounds will attempt to shake off the cold like it were water.


They're holding their paws up off the ground

If your doggo is using a ginger step or reluctant to walk, the ground could be too cold for them.


It's 15℃ or below

Your sighthound should have a coat on in these conditions – ideally Long-Johns if your doggo's not fussy about covering their quick-stix, or a Long-Sleeve Hound-Tee. A snood for their neck and ears won't hurt either (but remember to layer them down if they're hot from exercising!). 

How to keep your sighthound warm n cosy


Slow fashound for fast doggos – clothing your sighthound

Clothing your hound is crucial to keep them warm, as blankets will fall off as they roach in bed or while they're walking around. A Sleeveless, Long-Sleeve or Sweatshirt Hound-Tee can be great for walkies, but please be mindful of how much hounds' temperatures rise as they run, so you may need to take off their Tee before any running or if the day is hot. 


Cosy beddy-bies – keeping your doggo's bed warm

Your hound's bed will not only keep them warm, but it's also their safe space! The right bedding will also protect their thin skin from discomfort or sores. 

Start with something soft and squishy as the base for your dog bed. Then, add blankies for them to 'nest' or snuggle into. Nesting helps your hound feel safe and stay warm. It's good to have several blanket options of different thicknesses so you can add and remove them based on the temperature. 

If the ground in your home gets quite cold, a slightly raised cot might help prevent your hound from getting too cold. However, if your home is drafty, all that air underneath the bed won't help! Use your discretion here.

Long-dogs need jim jams too – using Hound-Tees for your doggo's pyjamas

On colder nights, Long-Johns are our choice to keep our greyhounds warm. Not all hounds will appreciate having their back legs covered, so you may have to compromise on a Long-Sleeve or Sweatshirt. 

Other tips for keeping your sighthound warm

Extra calories can give your hound more energy to burn for staying warm, so more food in winter is sometimes a good idea (not that you need an excuse to give them more treatos). Before altering your hound's diet, please speak with a greyhound or whippet vet.

Keep temperature changes in mind – if you come into a warm room from being outside in the cold, you may need to take the Hound-Tee off your doggo to help them regulate. The video on this page shows you how to take off a Hound-Tee.

Greyhounds sleep for up to 18 hours a day, so a warm place to rest is almost their number one priority in life (competing only with food and pats). If you have any questions about certain sizes, designs or styles for your next Hound-Tee let us know!


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