FRANKIE – We named a range of Hound-Tees after this iconic doggo

It's February which means it's Frankie February. Celebrating rescue hounds and the people who care for them. $5 from every Frankie tee sold in February goes to non for profit rescue groups.

Meet Frankie, an icon in the greyhound community.

We love Frankie. Frankie’s mum, Eddie, loves Frankie. Pretty much everyone who meets Frankie loves Frankie. We think you’ll love Frankie too.

The beginning of Frankie’s story represents the stories of many greyhounds raised as racing dogs. Unfortunately, Frankie’s experience within the industry was particularly extreme and troubled. We call Frankie the Village Dog because it really did take a community to rehabilitate him into the chocolate bundle of love he is today. Frankie is okay. Frankie is more than okay – he’s hilarious, he’s healthy and he is deeply loved by many. We’ll tell you more of Frankie’s story now, but we think knowing he’s now in a loving home is an ending worth spoiling.

Frankie and his toy that looks vaguely familiar...

The kennel Frankie lived at raced him very hard. He was left in dark rooms, often. He was drugged. He was mistreated in a way that led to manic, aggressive behaviour. Frankie was eventually listed on Gumtree, and a bright-eyed fosterer took him home. Quickly realising that Frankie was a bit more than a handful, the fosterer asked for support from Gumtree Greys, a volunteer-run greyhound rescue group that changes the lives of so many doggos and their pawrents. 

Frankie was something of a mess – withdrawing from drugs, headbanging, and almost impossible to calm down. Two vets recommended euthanasia, expecting it to be impossible to rehome a dog with behavioural issues like Frankie’s. Greyhound lovers are often persistent, with passion and compassion to spare. This certainly applies to the Gumtree Greys family, who supported Frankie through the fostering process.

Aun-tee Jen fostered Frankie for about 5 days. She had an experience with swaddling Frankie and sandwiching him between two soft futons to help soothe him – he needed a lot of attention and a lot of help. Jen asked Gumtree Greys to help match Frankie with a carer who was more experienced with his behavioural issues. Enter: Brian. Brian worked with Frankie intensively for months to help him feel safe and improve his behaviour. Frankie made progress and was also put on anti-anxiety medication, which seemed to work for him. He was then re-homed with a couple who had another greyhound, and for a while, all was looking up for Frankie.


Frankie getting lots of luff from his hooman.

The couple separated, and they each took a doggo. We know now that companionship is crucial to Frankie’s well-being. Unfortunately, Frankie was often left alone in his new living situation until the owner let Gumtree Greys know it was time to take Frankie back or send him to the pound. Of course, they took him back. Enter: Eddie.

Eddie volunteers at Gumtree Greys, and she was determined to find Frankie a loving home. Already owning two greyhounds, she thought to herself, “how much harder can three be?” and took Frankie into her home. The first six months involved lots of night terrors and headbanging. It was difficult, and Eddie gave Frankie a tremendous amount of love, time and help. Eddie will tell you Frankie is not her dog; he’s “our dog” – he’s Village Dog, loved by a community and rehabilitated into a fine fellow. 

Today, Frankie is a good-humoured, super-sweet, funny and luffable boi. His story is a wonderful reminder of the gentle nature of greyhounds and the devastating impact that poor treatment can have on their behaviour (and reputation!). In honour of Frankie’s resilience and of all those who helped re-shape him into his naturally wonderful self, we’ve named a range of Hound-Tees after this iconic good dog.

Frankie making fwends.

Frankie-Tees are made with the Frankie philosophy: no hound (or off-cut) left behind. Frankie-Tees are sustainably made from off-cuts and fabric that would otherwise be wasted. Aun-tee Jen is committed to getting the absolute most from every single roll of fabric. She uses every scrap from making Hound-Tees, cuts around damaged material to save what can be used, cuts through the ends of rolls, which are often wasted, and even takes any cotton/spandex off-cuts she can save from other businesses!

Just like greyhounds, no two Frankie-Tees are alike. Each panel is a different colour or stripe pattern, and every tee is bright, fun and colourful. We make most styles of tees in the Frankie range, as well as snoods and tug toys! 

Symbols of love, persistence, compassion, and big, big hearts, this one is for Frankie, Eddie and everyone who supports greyhounds to live the loved life they deserve. We luff you.

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