BTS Force-Free Photoshoots


Behind the scenes snootermodel magic! When any doggo steps paw into our workshop, it's super important that we create a safe, comfortable and stress-free environment. Every photoshoot should be an enriching and positive experience for our snootermodels. 


We cap the number of tees a snootermodel tries on in one sitting, so we don't WEAR them out. 

If we observe any stress signals, e.g. lip licking, not associated with treats, yawning or panting, then we'll cut the shoot short, or take a mini-break. Some snootermodels prefer the glamour and comfort of the couch, and we get it – couch is life.

If you're trialling a never worn style, or have a snoot that is still getting acclimatised to handling and touch, we luff and recommend positive reinforcement and high-value treats. 

You can spend longer on each step to make sure your dog feels comfortable to progress to the next. 

Featuring Remus + our in-house designer/photographer + all-round babe, Ash.

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