All About Italian Greyhounds


Historically a favoured companion of nobles, Italian Greyhounds have since worked their way into the hearts and homes (and onto the laps) of many others! Sometimes called “velcro dogs”, there’s a saying that you’ll never be alone again if you get an Italian Greyhound. Usually standing at around 35cm at the withers and weighing 3 to 7 kilograms, these little doggos fit perfectly in your lap, and they luff being there! 


Italian Greyhounds (also called IGs or Iggys) love, love, love companionship so please consider your lifestyle before choosing an Iggy as a pet. They need alotta luff, and they give a lot back.


What’s it like living with an Italian Greyhound?


Iggys are very, very loyal to their hoomans (see: needy in a cute way), so if you’re looking for a steadfast companion, an Italian Greyhound could definitely suit your lifestyle. However, if you’re looking for an independent pet that doesn’t mind being left home alone, we urge you to consider a different breed. They typically live for 13 to 15 years, so you could be gaining a best fren for over a decade!


Italian Greyhound coats are typically short and smooth. They’re usually mid-level shedders, but often the fur they’re shedding can go unnoticed. You might want to get a good vacuum, but your place won’t be totally covered with their fur. Iggys are a good match for people with allergies, as their fur is very rarely an allergen.


While you’ll be your IG’s favourite pal, Iggys are quite good with strangers. They’re very playful and often enjoy stimulation. They’re also very receptive to positive reinforcement training, so you should be able to teach them to behave around new people.


Praise works wonders with Iggys, and negative reinforcement doesn’t go very far. Please don’t punish your Iggy while they’re learning; instead, be firm with commands, shower them with praise when they get it right, and seek a trainer if you’d like extra help.

Grooming your Italian Greyhound


You will only need to bathe your Iggy if they get something on their coat that you can’t gently brush out. Like our other favourite doggos, whippets and greyhounds, Italian Greyhound skin is thin and doesn’t do well being bathed too often. A good brush every month or so should be plenty to keep them comfy and smooth. Italian Greyhounds aren’t big droolers, but you should try to brush their teeth daily.



Keep an eye on their nail length, and never cut or grind too close to the quick. Iggys have a ‘hare foot’, meaning you can leave their middle two nails slightly longer than the others.


An Iggy at a healthy weight will only jusssst show their hip bones. Their ribs should not be visible but should be easily felt. It can be easy for Italian Greyhounds to gain too much weight, so try to keep their treats small and their diet high-quality. 


Speaking of short fur and thin skin, your Iggy will need help staying warm. Check out our range of Italian Greyhound Hound-Tees.


Ready for an Italian Greyhound?


These doggos are little clowns and will make you smile every day. If you’re ready for your very own velcro dog you can rescue an Italian Greyhound through Iggy Rescue or Italian Greyhound Adoption & Rehoming Victoria. Get ready to welcome them home with Italian Greyhound Hound-Tees to keep them cosy through their first nights.
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