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Gumtree Greys Classic Hound-Tee

Style of Tee
Breed Fit

These Hound-Tees directly support the Gumtree Greys rescue and foster program. Nab your feel-good orange and black stripes, paired with grey trim in Classic Sleeveless fit. Made from super soft, stretchy cotton elastane jersey for ultimate style and comfort for your greyhound.

Gumtree Greys rescues and rehabilitates greyhounds across eastern Australia. Founded in 2013, Gumtree Greys is volunteer-run registered charity run by big-hearted snoot-loving volunteers. Last year, 322 Gumtree Greys found love and the couch. 

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia – home to the original Hound-Tees. Ready to ship, limited stock available.

  • Neck Style: Crew neck or Skivvy (turtleneck)
  • Breed: Greyhound
  • Fabric: Cotton 8% Elastane Jersey
  • Trim: Grey
  • Weight: Standard weight
  • Sample Shown: Classic Sleeveless Hound-Tee in Large
  • Styles: Available in Long Sleeve Hound-Tees