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Features + Benefits

Well for a start they are funky and look super smart and your hound will love you for them... And you will get loads of compliments and lots of pats when you walk down the street

But on the practical side...

  • Keeps your dog warm
  • Specifically designed to Fit Greyhounds, Whippets, Galgos, Pondecos.
  • Provides care for skin conditions and UV protection
  • Keeps your hound clean if they are a roller or dirt digger...wash the tee not your dog
  • Keeps your furniture clean and your walls if they are a hallway massager
  • Contains shedded hair and dander
  • Machine washable
  • Most styles are cotton or cotton blend
  • Triple stitched construction for strength on stress points
  • As they are a snug fit they can provide anxiety relief

Proudly ethically made in Australia in our workshop in Melbourne Victoria

We use at least 70% Australian and USA made fabrics and we are working to increase this all the time and use 100% Australian Made Trims.

We donate a percentage of the profits from each tee to a different rescue group each month to support their rescue work.

Not only do Hound-Tees support greyhound rescue one tee at a time, we also support small business in Australia.