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Goober Whippet Hound-Tee

Style of Tee
Breed Fit

Named after my Goober, Gus who has the most Goobertude in the houndsphere. From epic bed fails, bin raids, derps, drools and unique midnight serenades - we all have a hound that at times is the ultimate Goob.

Warmth Facto
1: Perfect for a slight chill, sun-protection and houndies who don't like sleeves.

True to size, don't size up. Whippet Fit. Unsure? Check out our Size Chart

  • Suitable for Whippet Fit
  • Crew neck or Skivvy (turtleneck) 
  • 180gsm weight, 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane Jersey
  • Blue and Orange stripes, Yellow trim/cuff
  • Available in Long Sleeve Hound-Tees
  • Ready to ship, limited stock
  • Made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Cold wash + air-dry only
  • Snootermodel Brynnie wears Whippet Fit Medium