Walking Coats By Jackie & Sparkie

Introducing Walking Coats by Jackie & Sparkie!

Do you need a spiffy Walking Coat for your #Fashound?

Want to support Greyhound Rescue while strutting the streets looking Fabhoundulous?

Need a coat to layer over your #houndtee?

Look no further!

Coats by Jackie & Sparkie

These coats are made from quilted cottons and beautiful wools with fleece trims and sporty details.

"Jackie & Sparkie are 2 greyhounds rescued by Friends of the Hound - a greyhound rescue and re-homing group in NSW/QLD.

We started making coats for greyhounds, whippets, italian greyhounds and other small breeds to raise money for this great rescue group. The coats also fit many other breeds such as vizslas, dalmatians, bull arabs, terriers and many mixed breed gems."

100% of sales of Jackie & Sparkie coats goes to Friends of the Hound.

Order your Coats Via Jackie & Sparkie HERE

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