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End of Run Lucky Dip Whippet Sleeveless Hound-Tee

Breed Fit

Who wants to get lucky? Looking for a lil mystery? Take a dip for a delightful, End of Run Lucky Dip Hound-Tee!

Double dip with 2 items in any Lucky Dip to unlock 20% Off!

  • Past styles in brand new condition
  • Classic sleeveless tees with or without Skivvy (turtlenecks)
  • Prints, stripes, plain colours

Choose your Breed Fit: Greyhound or Whippet. Unsure? Check sizing

Let us know what you need: Add a note to your order with your request, and we'll do our best to make your wish come true (pending availability). 

Returns Policy: There's no insurance when buying End of Run Lucky Dip Hound-Tees. These babies are brand new, but end of line.  No returns, or exchanges on End of Run Lucky Dip items. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Emma B.

Quality is great and my whippy loves her hound tees they are a staple over the colder months.

Megan G.

My dog loves this tee and the lucky dip is great option because all the designs are wonderful and you get a great deal especially if you get more than one

Dawn A.

Wonderful and cosy pjs.

Carrie C.

We love houndtees in our house! The lucky dip shirts are always an awesome surprise and are always super cute. My whippets love them and they can keep warm while looking cool 😎