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Navy Glitterati Sweatshirt

Style of Tee
Breed Fit

Level up your snootermodel game with our Navy Glitterati Sweatshirt. Perfect for fronting the pupparazzi, or swanning around your local. 

Made from cotton poly spandex blend, paired with a navy trim and cuff. Perfect for layering or cold morning walkies. Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia – home to the original Hound-Tees. Ready to ship, limited stock available.

Warmth Factor
3 out 5 on the warmth scale.
Great for layering and cold day walkies.

Minimal stretch, size up. 

  • Breed: Greyhound 
  • Fabric: 85% cotton 10% poly/lurex 5% spandex 
  • Trim: Black 
  • Weight: Medium Weight / 240gsm
  • Snootermodel: Greyhound Remus wears XL