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Cyan Waffle Quilted Sweatshirt

Style of Tee
Breed Fit

Keep your greyhound snug, whilst looking heckin' fashound with the Cyan Waffle Quilted Sweatshirt with two different trim/cuff options.

Please ensure you choose your trim/cuff colour (as pictured) to avoid any surprises! 

Perfect for chilly nights and marathon length naps. Made from a super soft cotton-poly blend. Iconic and fashion forward, perfect for cold weather to keep your greyhound comfortable and warm.

Designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia – home to the original Hound-Tees. The ultimate greyhound and whippet clothing. Ready to ship, limited stock available.

Warmth Factor
4: Great for chilly nights and cold mornings.

True to size. However if your dog measures at the higher end of their size or you prefer a baggier fit, we recommend sizing up.  Unsure? Check our size chart.

  • Breed: Greyhound
  • Fabric: 65% cotton 35% poly 
  • Trim: Darker Cyan / Light Cyan
  • Cuff Options: Dark Cuff / Light Cuff
  • Colour: Cyan Blue
  • Weight: Sweater weight
  • Snootermodel: Remus wears X Large [Light Cuff Colour]