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Richard Skipworth Flying Houndies Long Sleeve Hound-Tee

Style of Tee
Breed Fit

This is your captain speaking, to prepare for take-off, please make sure all twigs are safely secured, and your speed noodle has been switched to airplane mode. We hope you enjoy your 3-star experience (because snootermodels can't count).

The Richard Skipworth Flying Houndie Long Sleeve Hound-Tee is perfect for that 16 hour-long nap, snifarri adventures, or crashing in the lounge for cuddles and snacks. 

Warmth Factor
2: Perfect on its own when the weather is a bit chilly, ideal for lounging, and can be layered. 

True to size, don't size up. Choose Greyhound or Whippet Fit. Unsure? Check our Size Chart.

  • Suitable for Greyhound or Whippet Fit sizing
  • Crew neck or Skivvy (turtleneck) 
  • Standard weight Cotton 8% Elastane Jersey
  • Spliced black/white stripe w/ black trim and cuff
  • Available in Sleeveless
  • Print by Richard Skipworth
  • Made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Ready to ship, limited stock
  • Cold machine wash + air-dry only
  • Snootermodel Remus wears Greyhound Fit Large + Brynnie wears Whippet Fit Medium