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Amazing Greys Long Sleeve Hound-Tee

Style of Tee
Breed Fit

The Amazing Greys Long Sleeve Hound-Tee directly support the Amazing Greys Rescue and foster program. Founded in 2011, Amazing Greys are a volunteer-run greyhound rescue group in Melbourne, Australia. They rescue, rehabilitate and re-home ex-racing greyhounds and greyhound x breeds. 

Hound-Tees are more than just a "Tee", we're feel-good fashion and for the month of January, your in-cart donations and the sale of this Hound-Tee will benefit Amazing Greys, thank you for helping us help rescue snoots roach for the stars. 

Warmth Factor
2: Perfect on its own when the weather is a bit chilly, ideal for lounging, and can be layered. 

True to size, don't size up. Unsure? Check our Size Chart.

  • Crew neck or Skivvy (turtleneck) 
  • Greyhound Fit only
  • Standard weight cotton 8% elastane jersey
  • Deep aqua + white stripes with black trim/cuff
  • Available in Classic Tee + Skivvy Tees
  • Designed + made in Melbourne, Australia
  • Ready to ship, limited stock available
  • Snootermodel: Ragna wears size Large