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Berkley's Adoption Story

Posted on June 20 2022

During 2020, Kim and her partner fostered a long boi named Bob – this was their first experience with greyhounds, and how they came to fall in love with the breed. After fostering kittens with Illoura Animal Refuge, Kim spotted a tall, houndsome black beauty named Berkley who featured on Illoura’s Facebook page. Kim thought for sure that Berkley would be quickly snapped up, but he was still seeking a foster family when she enquired. Kim retells her greyhound adoption story:

I went to Illoura, met Grace’s little pack of doggos and left with a big black foster dog called Berkley. We quickly learned Berkley’s favourite things in life are people, pats, squeaky toys, and roasting himself in front of the fireplace – oh, and food! Food is life. Grace told me Berkley eats like a horse and she was not wrong.  

Berkley loves walks and gets along with all other dogs, but being a true greyhound he also values his many naps and beauty sleep. Needless to say, Berkley was a classic foster fail and we adopted him.

We haven’t even had Berkley for a year, and though things haven't always been 100% smooth sailing, (we’re still getting to know each other and we’re still learning) it continues to amaze me how these dogs adapt to their new lives.

Adopting a greyhound has been the best decision. They have the most beautiful, gentle souls and I love all of their quirks, including teeth chatters, roaching, leaning on you for pats, etc. We cannot picture our lives without Berkley a.k.a. Berkisaurus Rex a.k.a. Berkenstock.

Illoura’s Grace goes above and beyond for all her animals, including chooks, roosters, cats and kittens, greyhounds and other dogs in need of help. She also goes above and beyond for anyone fostering or adopting an animal from Illoura.

Whenever I have had a question she has answered straight away and always offers to help. She works several jobs to help as many animals as she can and above all she gives so much of her time. Thank you so much to Grace and Illoura Animal Refuge for everything you do to help animals, and thank you for letting us adopt Berkley.

Please consider making an in-cart purchase to help gorgeous greyhounds like Berkley find their forever home through Illoura Animal Refuge.

If you live in Tasmania, please consider contacting Grace to enquire about fostering. Make sure you follow the cutest Berkisaurus Rex. Want to know how greyhound clothing can make an impact? Definitely check out how we give back, and how you can help foster greyhounds roach for the stars.